Thursday, August 02, 2007

I Shake Hands With the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in Charlottetown yesterday, so we took the opportunity to attend the Conservative Party's shin-dig down at the waterfront. We went early and got front-row seats, right beside the media scrum who were directly in front of centre stage. We were close enough to reach out and touch them. In fact, when I stood up, one of them was brushing into me with his side-bag. The Toronto Star's Jim Travers and CTV's Jane Tabor were there, but Keith Boag of the CBC was nowhere to be seen.

After the speeches we got a chance to have our picture taken with the PM. I gave him a copy of my new CD -- Love Lifted Me, and told him I hoped his family enjoyed it. After the photo they gave me a business card with the photo number written on it. To get my photo, I email them, quote the number, and they email it to me. Pretty slick.

I'll do it after I finish my morning coffee and this post.

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