Thursday, August 02, 2007

Canaries sing, Fat Ladies sing, the Canadian Media don't sing

Like all meetings of its kind, last night's Conservative Party meeting on the Charlottetown waterfront began with the singing of the national anthem. The national anthem is not a Liberal anthem or a Conservative anthem, it is the anthem of Canada, for all Canadians.

Everyone in the room rose and sang, with one apparent exception: the Canadian media.

I didn't notice this directly as I was busy singing, but we were seated right beside the media area, and the person next to me did notice and told me about it afterwards, saying she felt like asking them if they didn't know the words.

I had noticed something. When the national anthem was announced, one of the young women in the media group broke into the first line of the American national anthem. At the time I dismissed this as a juvenile attempt at being clever, but, given the media's left-wing bias and working assumption that Stephen Harper is a puppet of E. A. (Evil American) George Bush, I suspect she was making an in-joke for her media brothers and sisters that she knew would be well received.

In defense of the media, I suppose they consider themselves "not there" as participants in the event; they are there as outsiders, as objective observers. But if that is so, the fact that one of them broke the media oath of silence and sang the American anthem when the Canadian national anthem was announced is a stain on their claims to journalistic integrity.

Or, maybe they just can't sing.

And that's the way the Ball bounces.


itsboopchile said...

May I say you have one of the most interesting blogs I have found. And I resent the o comments I see.
By the way, I can't sing anymore!!!
Betty G

Anonymous said...

Yes...after getting mentioned on SDA I thought we would see more comments here too.
Interesting story Richard. Wonder when we will know who the media person was that started sing the Star Spangled Banner.
I would like to see stronger 'response' from the PMO when things like this happen.

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