Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Getting Serious About Saving The Planet

The environmentalists are always telling us that we must make changes to our lifestyles in order to save the planet, are they not?

Usually, what they have in mind is changing their light bulbs and punishing corporations that provide the goods and services we all love to consume and which make life on this planet great. I really don't see many environmentalists making major changes (except for the woman who sacrificed her unborn baby to save Mother Earth -- I expect she would have aborted anyway).

Heather Mills and other environmentalists have pointed out that if you were really serious about saving the planet you would stop eating meat -- all the herds of cattle raised to fill our appetite for meat create a lot of methane gas which is bad for the planet. A lot of environmentalists are still eating meat.

Over at Mark Steyn, another very sensible argument has emerged. If you really care about the planet and are married, you'll stay together, if not for the sake of the kids, for the sake of Mother Earth. That's right. Divorce is an eco-unfriendly act. Double the housing. Shuttling the kids back and forth. Double the rooms for kids.

Environmentalists view the environment as a moral crusade. Are they willing to restrict their "freedom" and behave in a moral manner with regards to divorce?

Don't hold your breath.

And that's the way the Ball bounces.

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