Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Virgin Birth: Yes!

The National Post is running a series entitled "Beyond Belief". This week's topic: the virgin birth.

Is it beyond belief? Not to me. Here's my logic.

Is belief in God beyond belief? No, God provides a reasonable and rational explanation for the existence of the universe and the persistent moral sense within human beings.

Is belief that God created the universe beyond belief? No, it is not only a very reasonable belief, it is a highly probable belief, based on philosophy and reason alone.

If we believe that God exists and that He created the universe is it beyond belief to believe that he might be interested in the welfare of his creation, and that he might have taken steps to ensure its welfare, including providing us with a reliable source of information about Himself? No, it is not. And that brings us to faith in the Bible as the revelation of God, and the possibility that God has taken steps to save us.

So, based on the all the above, is it unreasonable to believe in a virgin birth?

No. Creation is a colossal miracle; the virgin birth is a lesser miracle, and certainly not beyond belief. But is it probable or likely? If you understand the message of the Bible, the answer is a resounding "Yes!".

Does the virgin birth fit the message of the Bible, including the twin messages of man's sin and God's desire to restore us to fellowship with Him? The answer is a resounding "Yes!". Only man ought to make an offering to God for man's sin; only God could make an offering worthy of Himself. Think about it. The virgin birth answers this conundrum.

Jesus was truly the son of the Most High. And through Him we can be more than just forgiven sons of Adam, we can become God's actual sons and daughters, via adoption. It all fits. Packer refers to the gospel as "adoption through propitiation".

I believe it, and it makes me joyful to do so.

Rejoice with me in the virgin birth and the love of God that came to us in Christ.

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