Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Sermon 2007: God's Love Is Like The Snow

God's love is like the snow coming down on Christmas day.

Have you ever awoken to a blanket of fresh-fallen snow, and, (apart from having to shovel the drive-way and clear off the car) been transported by the wonder at it all? I remember the first time our cairn terrier, Robbie Burns, then a puppy and now an old dog, saw snow coming down. He was startled and filled with wonder by it.

God's love is like the snow.

On the first Christmas day, the Lord came to a particular place at a particular point in time. So, perhaps you think that the snow of God's love is a sprinkling that fell on Bethlehem. You would be wrong.

Although Christ came to a particular place at a particular time, the love of God that was wrapped up in the child in the manger was bigger than the universe. The snow of God's love didn't just fall on Bethlehem. It fell on the world -- a thick, snowy-white blanket blanketed the earth. It fell not just in the cold climes, but in the warm climes as well; it fell where snow had never fallen before. Imagine snow in Fiji, snow in the Caribbean, snow in Bali, even!

God's love is like the snow. And it fell mightily on us on Christmas day.

A blanket of snow consists of millions upon millions of individual snowflakes, all unique, we are told.

And, while it is true that God loves the world in a general sense, it is also true that he loves each one of us in a particular, individualized way. God's love is like the individual snowflakes that fall. There is a unique, individualized snowflake of God's love for each one of us. It's a love that knows all about us -- our strengths and weaknesses, our hopes, our dreams, our talents, our struggles and our shortcomings.

God has an individualized love especially for you. And this love was first displayed when Christ came on Christmas day.

God kissed the world with a blanket of snow on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas to all.

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itsboopchile said...

Hope your Christmas was a merry one and your new year is a great one.
I really loved your new song. I listened to it yesterday and the tune and first lines have been going round and round in my mind ever since.
So, I wish you lots of success with it.

Also, this new thought is good. I have been trying to find time to think through my perspective on celebrating Christ Jesus' birth at this time for "anonymous" but I find I am too busy!!!!
Time to slow down.
Betty G

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