Thursday, December 20, 2007

Islam vs. Christianity -- sandpaper vs. velvet

Moderate Muslims complain that they shouldn't be tarred with the same brush as radical, violent Muslims.

The problem with moderate Islam is that it provides the petri dish in which the more virulent and violent strains of Islam are cultivated. Moderate Islam seems to lack the grit or resolve to successfully resist or quash its radical brethren.

Unlike Christianity, which stresses inward conversion and a voluntary response to the gospel, the message of Islam is much closer to an outward submission/political kind of dominance.

This is seen in the record of the conversion experience of Mohammed (whom I recall said he felt like a whipped dog), vs. the conversion of the apostle Peter or the apostle Paul.

And, of course, it is seen in the record of Islamic states.

Islam and Christianity simply have different characters.

Canada may live to one day regret its rejection of moderate and moderating Christianity.

It may discover it has rejected velvet for sandpaper.

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