Monday, December 24, 2007

God Kissed The World On Christmas Day

Dear friends,

I've posted a new Christmas song -- God Kissed The World On Christmas Day -- on YouTube. This is a first for me. I debuted the song two weeks ago in Georgetown, PEI, and then sang it again at the Basilica in Charlottetown. Then, since it's a Christmas song, we got the idea of doing a quick demo version of it and posting it up to YouTube so I could share it with my friends this Christmas season.

You can access it from my Christian music website -- (which is now up-and-running!). The website also includes a lyric/chord sheet for the song.

I'll be sending out emails to my friends inviting them to watch, listen, and (hopefully) enjoy it.

If you like it, pass it on to your friends -- wouldn't it be wonderful if we could get it passed around the world on Christmas day.

I'm going to start with my friends in Singapore, where it is already Christmas day.

God kissed the world on Christmas Day.

Please let me know what you think.


Nikki said...

Hi there - I found your song on YouTube, and would love to have the Kids Choir at our church sing it for our Christmas services. Is there anyway to get the sheet music for it?

Thanks much!

Jimmy Vanrosi said...

We first heard this song in 2009 and it has now become a standard song for all our Christmas Eve masses at the Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church in Hamilton, Ont. Thank you for writing such an absolutely beautiful song.

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