Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Return Roadtrip!™ Day One: Beauty on Display

Scottsdale, Arizona - Winslow, Arizona

A take-it-easy departure day. Loaded up the Matrix, programmed the Garmin Nuvi for the Radisson Ft. McDowell and got underway.

I wanted to get to the Radisson Ft. McDowell for the Cowboy Breakfast. I followed the Garmin directions, until it declared that we had arrived -- and we were in the middle of nowhere! I tried re-entering the address, and it could not locate it. Our first mis-adventure with the Garmin. Fortunately, I had a general sense of where we were and where we needed to go. So we got to the Radisson, and I had my Cowboy Breakfast. Of course, it wasn't as good as I remembered it -- it never is.

The drive up to Winslow, Arizona on Hwy 87c was indescribably beautiful. Gaspingly beautiful. First, the saguaro cacti. Man, do I love them. Now imagine a whole field of them as far as the eye can see. Then, 30 minutes later, indescribably beautiful winter scenese up in the mountains -- the coniferous trees laden with fresh-fallen snow. Divine Creator, take a bow! (Can "wow" be considered a word of worship -- I hope so!).

We arrived at La Posada in Winslow, Arizona for a reprise visit. This time, we are in the Mary Colter room, complete with a lavish balcony. Very quaint. Also, very cold. Still cold after dinner, so we asked to be moved, and got put in the Alice Fay room, where we stayed last March. Smaller, but warmer. We'll take warm.

In the Turquoise Room, we had a special appetizer. It was corn bread made by native Indians, along with a hummus spread. Not just ordinary corn bread, my friend, not by a long shot. Firstly, it was blue, not yellow, and, secondly, it was thin as paper and rolled up, thinner than paper, in fact. Impossibly thin. And extremely fragile. Our waiter, Nathan, told us it is a paste that is put on a hot rock and then rolled up. It was very delicate. Fun to try.

A good start to the return journey.

Approximate distance travelled: 300 km.

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