Thursday, January 17, 2008

Roadtrip!™ Day Two: Obits for Frosty the Snowman

Auburn, Indiana - Fenton, Missouri

The La Quinta in Auburn was an excellent stay - spacious, clean room on the ground floor. Decent breakfast in the morning.

We hit the road around 7:45 am. and drove down through Indianapolis. Stopped at a McDonalds and had to buy an 85 cent container of milk to put in our coffee -- just like last year. I just don't understand why a national chain doesn't have national standards -- and wanting milk rather than cream in coffee is not exactly an unusual choice.

From Indiana down into Illinois, which always feels weird to me because when I think of Illinois, I think of Chicago, and I think of Indiana as being west of Chicago and therefore Illinois. What is Illinois doing south of Indiana?!

Lunch at a Cracker Barrel in Effingham, Illinois. Got some sale items for our Samaritan's Purse shoe boxes. Saw a working oil well.

On down into Missouri and to St. Louis. St. Louis is a tough town to drive in or through. The downtown is ancient and congested. All the routes in and around St. Louis are complicated with ramps going up, down, around, in and out. And to add to the complexity, beside the main highways they have these perimeter roads that run along side of them. But if you take one, you don't have a nice, easy exit -- you are off on this big long road that leads to who-knows-where.

Got to our destination -- Fenton, Missouri, just south of St. Louis, in good time, so I searched out the nearby Costco, and went to Best Buy, thenCostco, then back to Best Buy then back to Costco and finally bought a Garmin GPS unit, or, personal travel assistant I think they call it. Paid more than I wanted to, but I wanted a bigger screen, and the cheaper one didn't have Canada loaded in it. The GPS should be fun, if I can figure out how to get it going.

Dinner at a Bob Evans beside the Drury Inn & Suites where we are staying for the night.

We drove approx. 700 km today.

Today marked the end of snow, but it's still cold. Toronto was January; Auburn Indiana was February, and Fenton Missouri is like March in Ontario; we hope that tomorrow's destination, Tulsa, will be like April!

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