Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Roadtrip!™ Day Seven: "By The Time I Get To Phoenix"

Winslow, Arizona - Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

A great breakfast in the Turquoise Room at La Posada -- Arizona Green Chile Eggs -- and on our way to Phoenix. We drive west up to Flagstaff and then head south on the alternate route to Sedona. Beautiful God-created Sedona. All caught up with new age delusions. Such a shame. God's word and God's grace cuts through all the nonsense. God is so wonderful in Himself; why do people feel the need to create alternate spiritualities? If they only knew Him...

We get back on to Highway 17 and head south down into Phoenix. The Ponderosa pines of Flagstaff and northern Arizona give way to the Saguaro cacti of southern Arizona.

We get to Phoenix and arrive at the Renaissance Scottsdale Resort. We learn that we have been upgraded to a suite. Yeah! We'll be here a week, so the extra space is great. The bell hop drives in a golf cart thingy to our parking lot area, and then uses the golf cart thingy to drive our luggage up to our room. Robbie, our cairn terrier, seems to know that we have "arrived". He is very excited. We set him up with a blanket on the sofa, and he settles right in.

We are right across from a lovely mall - The Borgata. We choose a Japanese restaurant and have a fabulous, memorable meal.

We have arrived -- thanks be to God!

Approx. distance travelled: 300 km.

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