Sunday, January 20, 2008

Roadtrip!™ Day Five: Chill Out: Green Chile/Red Chili

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Breakfast at the Sheraton and on our way. Stopped in Clinton Oklahoma at the Cherokee Trading Post where one of us bought a couple of pairs of turquoise earrings. Hint: it wasn't me. On into Texas and lunch in Amarillo at the Bourbon St. Cafe. We had steak and eggs. On into New Mexico and its wonderful 75 mph speed limit. Stopped for the night at the Holiday Inn Express. Diner at the American Comet II. We had a cup of green chile which was out-of-this-world-hot, but good! Also a cup of chili con carne. Both excellent.

Tomorrow we plan to detour up to Santa Fe on our way to Winslow Arizona and La Posada Inn.

Approx. distance travelled: 700 km.

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