Sunday, January 20, 2008

Roadtrip!™ Day Four: "Oklahoma City Is Mighty Pretty"

Tulsa Oklahoma - Oklahoma City Oklahoma

This is our "rest day". Drove down I-44 and then got the bright idea of taking Route 66 the rest of the way from Chandler down to Oklahoma City, since we were only travelling a couple of hours today. Delighted to see one of the tiny Phillips 66 gas stations in Chandler. Passed one of the 66 sights -- the rare round barn in Arcadia, OK.

A few miles past Arcadia we came to a modern Route 66 wonder -- Pops, a crazy glass structure that features a glass wall of filled pop bottles; you have to see it to believe it. Outside is a huge structure that is in the shape of a pop bottle, complete with straw. Inside, there is every kind of pop imaginable, including a healthy stock of pop from Mexico.

Down through Edmond Oklahoma to the Sheraton Midwest City, where I had booked ahead at a non-refundable rate. I was disappointed in the location -- it's in the middle of nowhere, but the room was great. Its a convention hotel so it is empty on weekends. When we ate in the dining room, we had it all to ourselves.

I visited Bricktown, a fledgling tourist area, and, more to my liking, the Cattle Exchange, the largest cattle exchange in the state of Oklahoma. What could be better than being around the smell of cattle in a place where cowboy hats are not out of place?

And, on that rhetorical note, we are finished for the day.

Approx. distance travelled: 200 km.

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