Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Roadtrip!™ Day One: Going to the Dogs

Toronto - Auburn, Indiana - approx. 680 km.

Having just finished a New Testament Theology course at Tyndale, we are on our way to Arizona.

We were on the road by 7am. Crossed into the USA at Sarnia, Ontario / Port Huron, Michigan.

Every border crossing is different. This one, the border guard questioned us about agricultural products, or, to the layman, food. Bananas? We were eating the last two as he queried us. Other food? We dutifully declared our egg sandwich and salmon sandwiches without incident. Then he asked us about dog-food. Yes, we had Eukanuba Weight-Control Mature Dog dogfood with us, in labelled plastic containers.

It was at this moment that US homeland security leaped into action to secure the homeland. Dog food of unknown origins cannot be allowed in the US, so we had to hand it over; the agent confiscated it, and we watched him pour a four-week supply into a garbage can.


Once into the US, we took the first exit to look for a Pet Store. We found one and replenished Robbie's supply.

We're getting good mileage out of our iPod, having pre-loaded a J.I. Packer series on Renewal into it. Our song of the day: Chuck Berry's "I'm So Glad I'm Living in the USA". We start each day with Willie's On The Road Again.

We pulled over in Auburn, Indiana, and used a RoomSaver coupon to get a fine room at the La Quinta Inn ($65). A bit of shopping at the WalMart across the street. Dinner at Applebees.

A good first day -- and Robbie has brand-spanking-new dog food for the trip!

We have much to be thankful for.

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