Thursday, June 05, 2008


I've been following the British Columbia "Human Rights Commission" hearings on Mark Steyn avidly this week -- I assume you have too.

If not, you can follow Andrew Coyne's blog at The hearings begin around 9 am. Pacific time.

And, you can always find out what's on Mark Steyn's mind over at

The HRCs are being ridiculed and held in contempt by those whom they are currently targeting. And, rightly so.

Canadian Human Rights Tribunals are oppressive, arbitrary, ideologically-driven, and led by biased people with axes to grind. (Other than that, I suppose they are not so bad.)

The current approach of ridicule and contempt is the right one.

Up until now, it has been mainly individual Christians who have fallen under the path of the Canadian HRC juggernauts; mayors forced to proclaim Gay Pride Days (and then, Weeks), printers forced to print homosexual propaganda, Christians commanded to shut-up and pay restitution to those whose feelings they may have hurt).

Now, it is a national magazine, and, all of a sudden, the issue has become magnified.

Let's hope that a strong light is shone on these wretched HRCs where rules of evidence are replaced by arbitrary decisions and hundreds of years of British jurisprudence is set aside.

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