Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quebec City's Great 400th Birthday Bash

This year is the 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec City. I've heard that the anticipated tourist rush did not materialize.

We need to get back to PEI, and I discovered that Burlington, Vermont is all booked up this week-end, so I thought I would give the Quebec City area a try and take the Canadian route. We like to stay at the Hôtel-Motel Bernières in nearby Saint-Nicholas. It's near the half-way point between Toronto and Charlottetown. It is privately-owned, has lovely grounds, is pet-friendly, and has a very good, relaxed French-Canadian style restaurant. (I usually order the full-plate of spaghetti, which I often crave when travelling, but I digress.)

I called Hôtel-Motel Bernières and, sure, rooms for either this Friday or Saturday night, no problem. I assumed that the 400th year anniversary celebrations must have ended, and all the tourists who were going to go to Quebec City this summer have already come and gone. I decided to look them up on the Internet. You can try this yourself. I googled

quebec city 400th anniversary celebrations

I expected that the main websites associated with this tourist event would have the key dates and the key events displayed prominently on their home page.

Not so.

See if you can figure out when the actual dates of the celebration are, and what the key events are. Any difficulty you may have may partially explain why people stayed -- or is it staying? -- away.

And that's the way the Boule bounces.

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