Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rich People Have Bigger Feet

Hoofing on over to the CBC, a shocking, ground-breaking study has revealed that rich people own more and bigger cars and live in bigger houses than poor people.

What becomes clear from reading the article is that "the rich" have very big feet, or at least, footprints, which I assume are a reliable indicator of foot size.

Given this, equality of foot size ought to become a pressing humans rights concern in Canada. People with large feet should be fined and people with small feet should receive subsidies and allowances and official priority-grievance status with the HRCs. (People with only one foot will have to be treated as special-cases.)

Since there is always the possibility for abuse, including the disguising of overly large feet, we will also need a foot registry.

Because, on the long, foot-weary march to social justice, de-feet is unthinkable.

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