Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Search For The Pederast Brain

Scientists are desperate to establish a scientific justification for homosexuality. Public money is being spent. The belief is that if it can be demonstrated that homosexuality is in some way intrinsic rather than chosen, this will normalize and justify it. Proponents of homosexuality are hoping that this will provide a knock-out blow against Christian objections to homosexuality.

It will, of course, do no such thing. Christians understand that, since the Fall, man inherits a corrupt, that is, sinful, nature through Adam. We are born into the world with defective, disordered natures. Put it this way: we are not sinners just because we sin; we sin because we are sinners. Homosexuality will continue to be seen, in this light, as objectively disordered against the objective standard of male and female which can be seen in nature, and, if you can't see it there, in Scripture. The remedy is not the normalization of sin; it is Christ.

Unequal Treatment

Our secular society says that it is deeply committed to the equality of all human persons, regardless of sexual orientation, hence the urgency to legiitimize homosexuality. However it is worth noting that scientists do not display the same sense of urgency to discover a "pederast gene", or a scientific justification for pederasty. However, iif scientific discovery can be used to justify homosexual behaviour, why can't the same scientific methods, and discoveries, be used to justify pederast behaviour? If they are both unchosen, and innate, why should one be viewed as normal and the other deviant? Why shouldn't both be viewed as normal, or, alternatively, deviant?

I did a Google search this morning and found 65,000 references to "gay brain". A similar search for "pederast brain" came up with exactly one entry -- and that was used as a pejorative against someone.

Personhood - Gay vs. Pederast

This discriminatory bias of secular society is also seen in the concept of personhood. Clearly, in our society, the terms gay and person have been twinned, to the point where gay is considered the definition of a person, as opposed to simply a descriptive trait associated with a person. (The media never talk about the rights of "men engaging in homosexual activities", it is always about the rights of "gay persons" -- the "gay" identity being stronger than the "male" identity.) The importance of this fact cannot be overstated. It is the foundation of all arguments in favour of homosexuality. And it is the foundation of all that is wrong with these arguments. Christians who understand that God has made us male and female understand that homosexual and gay are, ultimately, false identities. It may be what a person feels, it may define a person's urges, but it is not who a person is. (And that is why, ultimately, catering to these false identities is neither helpful nor kind -- gays are, like us, first and foremost, males; and lesbians, are, like us, first and foremost females. Rather than viewing homosexuals as some class of "other" with rights, we view them as being "ourselves", welcome them and embrace them as such, while holding them to the same moral standards as we hold ourselves.)

But what about pederasts in our secular society? We don't refer to them as "pederast persons", do we? Pederasty is, arguably, equally unchosen and equally persistent as homosexuality; if rights follow from these two characteristics, then pederasts have the same basis for arguing for acceptance and rights as gays. But our culture draws a sharp and deep line between them. To put it bluntly, gays are persons, pederasts are not. I can understand our society's desire to do this on moral grounds, but it is not moral grounds I am talking about now -- it is scientific grounds, because that is where the argument is currently being played out.

It is also Charter-rights grounds. For a moment, set aside the fact that pederastic acts are illegal. That's not what I'm getting at here. What I'm getting at is the fact that in the view of secular society, gays are persons, pederasts are not. They speak of gay persons; they do not speak of pederast persons. This provides homosexuals with a status and dignity which is denied pederast persons. But, in a society where all sexual orientations are afforded equal status and protection under the law, is that not a clear case of discrimination?

Let's Google it. "Gay person" results in 560,000 entries. "Pederast person" results in exactly 2. Pederasts have a long way to go to achieve the equality they are supposedly guaranteed by our Charter of Rights.

Consistent Moral Thinking

Both Christians and secularists have an understanding of normal, and, from this, right-and-wrong. Secularists find theirs in the amoral idea of adult permissiveness; if two adults are predisposed to do it, and want to do it, how can we say it's wrong? (Especially when we've paid for science that backs us up!) On this basic, they judge homosexuality to be OK, but pederasty not so; Christians, with minds rooted in reason and revelation, have a higher view of humankind, and, because of this, a narrower view of what constitutes a baseline of normal or moral behaviour.

The final point is this: Christians speak and act in a manner that is consistent with their worldview and beliefs; secularists, by claiming to be in favour of equal rights for all, and then slamming the door on an orientation they disfavor, do not.

And that's the way the Ball bounces.


Anonymous said...


Another sexually-obsessive "Christian" focused on the sex lives of others.

Sorry...the rest of us know what that means.

Seek help.

Mark Francis said...

"Secularists find theirs in the amoral idea of adult permissiveness; if two adults are predisposed to do it, and want to do it, how can we say it's wrong? On this basic, they judge homosexuality to be OK, but pederasty not so;"

Pederasts victimize children, whereas same-sex marriage is a contract between adults and is consensual.

Let's put this another way. What if there was a genetic predisposition in some people to be psychotic killers? We would not legalize killing as a result because that's a non-consensual act.

Matt Guerin said...

"Christians, with minds rooted in reason and revelation"?

Um what are you smoking? The average fundamentalist Christian mind is rooted in paranoia and mythology, a bizarre devotion to a book written by other men 2,000 years ago which is likely completely fiction and an obsession with being aligned with the powerful. There is no reason and certainly no true revelation.

I agree that secularists know better the difference between right and wrong. It's wrong to use one's archaic and ignorant beliefs, rooted after all in superstition and adherence to power, to destroy the lives of others. And I'm not just talking about homosexuals here. Christianity, like Islam and Judaism, have always denigrated and attacked one half of humanity, namely women. The Abrahamic religions are about one thing: male supremacy and female denigration. These traditions are inherently unhealthy and violate the spirit and dignity of humanity - and this is why these traditions will slowly, over the next few centuries, continue their decline.

It's also wrong to support the victimization of children while it's right to allow consenting adults to have sex or form loving relationships when NO ONE is harmed and, in fact, great benefit and healthy joy follows for the consenting adults.

You are, in fact, making an argument that supports pedophilia. By the way, if you equate homosexuality with pedophilia as you do, you are also equating heterosexuality with pedophilia as well.

Anonymous said...

Yup, typical bigot line. What the hell is wrong with people like you? Show some respect to loving individuals.

Anonymous said...

ah, hold on there , bubbalooee. you yourself have just defined people as christian or secular. so why the slam on gay identification? it's all political, my friend. it goes beyond beliefs. gays identifying themselves as gay are making a statement: i am gay and work for the euqal rights of gays - i'd like to be accepted for who i am and being gay is part of that.

so what are christians who identify themselves as christians trying to say - the same thing.....or creating a boundry of their morals they don't wish others to cross.....or perhaps it's a status or power statement in that most developed nations consider themselves chritian nations?

if there's a gay gene there must be a straight is there a sociopathic identifiable gene....after all, it's a sociopathic driven socieity where, to suceed you must have a degree of sociopathy in you. perhaps scientiests should be looking at the possiblitliy of this gene , as it's the one that has created the pedophile (cute use of the word pederast).

and yes, people do refer to pederasts as know, move into a new neighbourhood and the neighbours give you the heads up on the pedarist in the blue house with the white trim.

pederasty did not exist in tribal came about when the patriarchy and oligarchy took over. imagine that! society being forced into sociopathic lifestyle and the result is pedophilia.......a learned behavior otherwise known as repetitive sin. chances are if you were molested repeatedley as a child you yourself will committ the crime.

which brings us to constitutional rights.....pedastery is a crime. so is murder and rape. what rights do criminals have under the charter? some. does this allow them to challenge the charter and have more rights - no.

gay is not a crime. neither is hetrosexuality. a pederast priest, whether molesting a boy or girl is committing a crime.

i think you've taken your imagination a tad far on this one.....back to the drawing board, please!

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"