Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm Boycotting BP

On the route north from Phoenix, we had the chance to fill-up at BP. I chose another gas station.

I'm boycotting BP.


It's not because of the oil spill. Any oil company can have an oil spill and must be held accountable for it.

No, it's because of the sheer and utter hypocrisy of the company.

For years now I've been bombarded on international trips with advertising from BP -- billboards, magazines... BP is Beyond Petroleum. It's wind energy. It's solar energy. It's alternative fuel sources. We are the environmentally-friendly oil company. Flowers growing in the sun. Have a nice day. In other words, their ads were never about their product, never about how good their gas was, never about the hard work that goes into searching for oil, getting it out of the ground, refining it, shipping it, and getting it to your car; they were always nothing more than image, image, image, aimed at pandering to the environmentalist cause.

So, for the sheer hubris and hypocrisy of this company, I'm boycotting them.

I've heard that BP lobbied against further safety laws on oil rigs. Don't know if this is true, but, if it is, then their hypocrisy is Beyond Preposterous.

And that's the way the Gulf oil petroleum Ball bounces.


Hoarfrost said...

Good comment about BP. I have another beef, but it is about gas retailers in the insular USA. Two of the worst are Circle K found a lot around Arizona and Pilot found all along the interstates. When attempting to use VISA they require your input of your ZIP code. We Canadians don't have one so we must jump through artificial hoops to pay for gas. I'd like to see a letter writing campaign to them about this. Now I find out that Circle K is owned by a Canadian company. Couche-Tard.

RkBall said...

You are SO right.

We gassed up in Port Huron MI, on the border with Canada -- when the machine realizes it is a Canadian card, it bypasses the check for Zip Code -- they want Canadians' business!

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