Monday, May 10, 2010

Shocking Environmental News

This is (to borrow a line from the Iggster) big!!!!

The bombshell lead-off sentence:

What makes this big and shocking is this: global warming is not being blamed!!!!!!!

It's like global warming scare headlines have been number one on the environmental hit parade for the past, like, 108 months, and all of a sudden they've been bumped by something else. What is it? "The developing world's appetite for raw materials, population growth, pollution and the spread of Western-style consumption ". In a word, human prosperity.

Some of the key scary points designed to scare us scared:

* “The magnitude of the damage to ecosystems is Much Bigger Than Previously Thought™ (how many times have we heard this!)

* The rate of extinction is currently running at 1,000 times the natural historical background rate of extinction.” (Yikes!)

* If the 9 billion people predicted to be with us by 2050 were to have the same lifestyle as Americans, we would need five planets.”

Five planets -- yikes, and the only one we've got is already doomed by AGW. This is Scary Times Five!!!!!

Just imagine how scary it's going to be when someone at the UN gets the bright idea of combining this scare with the AGW scare:

"Increased consumption will kill off 1/3 of all species; AGW will knock off the rest, says UN"

You read it here first.

And that's the way the doomsday Ball bounces.


Frances said...

Check out the Cambrian extinction if you want to see a lot of species disappear. And all without the help of humans.

RkBall said...

Maybe the "Cambrian explosion" killed them?!

(just kidding).

For His pleasure (and, ulitimately, our benefit) they were created.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"