Friday, May 07, 2010

Pop Goes the Iggy

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff criticized government funding cuts to women's groups, saying the government is trying to bully and bankrupt its critics.

Saith Iggy: "This is a big issue here. It is about whether the government respects democracy".

Two things.

First, when a politician has to say, "this is a big issue here", it has a whiff of desperation to it. It reeks of "pay attention to me, to ME!".

Second, if the only way a government can show that it respects democracy is to use taxpayer funds to prop up select, ideological advocacy groups, I say two things. 2.1: count me out. Or, barring that, 2.2, count me in. Show that you respect democracy by sending me money.

If you don't give me money, you're against democracy.

That is what you are saying, isn't it, Iggy-Pop?

If and when the Liberals get re-elected, I'll have cap in hand ready for my democracy-affirming handout.

And that's the way the not-taxpayer-subsidized Ball bounces.

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Em said...

It's a Liberal tenant isn't it. Although, unfortunately, money does play a large role in the democratic process (more than I would care to admit). Refusing to support a party, or certain causes does not count as undemocratic.

L said...

Well this voter wants to stop funding ALL advocacy groups, no matter what stripe. If I want to donate to a pride parade or civil Liberties Associations who regularly bring lawsuits against governments, I can do that, or not.

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