Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Toronto Woman Sues Rogers After Her Hair Is Exposed

OK. The headline actually should say Affair, not Hair. My bad. But, hair makes as much sense.

A Toronto woman says sloppy billing practices by Rogers [a Canadian wireless company] led to her husband discovering her extramarital affair. The husband has up and went.

The woman is suing Rogers for $600,000 for invasion of privacy, breach of contract, and for, well, ruining her adulterous life.

I think the woman should get her $600,000 from Rogers. I really do. Fair's fair's fair.

But, then she should be required to give the $600,000 to her husband for her cheatin' ways. Then, the husband should be required to give the $600,000 to Rogers for revealing the adultery.

Is this a brilliant solution or what -- everybody gets $600,000 -- I should work for Obama!

And that's the way the razor-sharp Ball bounces.


Linda said...

Her claim is appalling.

RkBall said...


Bryan said...

What I hate most about this case is that for once in my life I am taking a cell phone providers side in a dispute. I am surprised she is not suing Canada Post for delivering the mail on time!

RkBall said...

"for once in my life..."

You're right -- I'm sure many are feeling this way.

Don said...

Sloppy billing practices? What, they recorded ALL her calls and put them on the detailed bill? Shameful!

RkBall said...

The sloppiness was in the co-mingling of a service she set up for herself in her name with the service provided to the family.

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