Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Anti-Darwinian Shot Heard Around The World

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“Neo-Darwinism seeks to explain the origin of new information, form, and structure as a result of selection acting on randomly arising variation at a very low level within the biological hierarchy, mainly, within the genetic text. Yet the major morphological innovations depend on a specificity of arrangement at a much higher level of the organizational hierarchy, a level that DNA alone does not determine. Yet if DNA is not wholly responsible for body plan morphogenesis, then DNA sequences can mutate indefinitely, without regard to realistic probabilistic limits, and still not produce a new body plan. Thus, the mechanism of natural selection acting on random mutations in DNA cannot in principle generate novel body plans, including those that first arose in the Cambrian explosion.” -- Stephen Meyer, quoted by Albert Mohler, here.    
In 2004 the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington published a peer-reviewed paper, “The Origin of Biological Information and the Higher Taxonomic Categories,” by Intelligent Design (ID) proponent Dr. Stephen Meyer. 

Big Mistake. The Darwinian religious-philosopher-scientist community struck back.

Eugenie Scott offered the following by way of scientific rebuttal: the paper was “recycled material” and  “substandard science”.

The Biological Society grovelled its apology and took The Pledge:  arguments for Intelligent Design “will not be addressed in future issues of the Proceedings,”. Regardless. Ever.
As Dr. John West, Associate Director of the Discovery Institute explained, “Instead of addressing the paper’s argument or inviting counterarguments or rebuttal, the society has resorted to affirming what amounts to a doctrinal statement in an effort to stifle scientific debate. They’re trying to stop scientific discussion before it even starts.”
No Divine Foot Allowed In The Door.™
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Human Ape said...

"The Anti-Darwinian Shot Heard Around The World"

As if real scientists cared what a professional liar says about anything. Stephen Meyer is a laughing stock and he will never be anything else.

Joe said...

So in your opinion Human Ape a real scientist is one who does not look at evidence or other interpretations of evidence or other ways of looking at evidence or even at new evidence.

Hey where can I sign up. I too can be closed minded as any of Human Ape's scientists! Does that mean I can get tenure at some schmancy college?

RkBall said...

Joe- Human Ape spends his days trolling the internet to do drive-by commentary.

I know it's bad of me, but I just can't get past the ape part -- if he's truly an ape, this means he's fair game as bush-meat -- after all, we're all just mammals, right? And cannibalism is just moral prudery, right?

So, Joe, crank up the BBQ, and let's invite Ape-man over!

Joe said...

Well I've plucked poultry, skinned cattle, singed and scraped pigs but just what do you do to prepare a monkey?

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"