Friday, December 10, 2010

Quote of the Day: "Not even God can direct an “undirected” process"

A phylogenetic tree of living things.                               Image via Wikipedia
When English speakers use the word “evolution” they usually mean neo-Darwinian evolution which means that all the adaptive complexity you see is the result of random genetic mutation acted on by natural selection and they mean that as an impersonal and purposeless process. But when they say “random,” that’s not just some mathematical term that’s perfectly compatible with a view of God’s providence. They mean “purposeless” and that’s the problem. Not even God can direct an “undirected” process. -- Jay Richards, quoted here.
Life is not the result of chaotic randomness. Evolution is algorithmic. There is (apparently) random variation within algorithmic constraints. The emergence of life is like a game board in which there are constraints and rules. Within the constraints and rules there is a degree of algorithmic randomness. And there is lots of room within this context for sovereign action by the game board designer as he pleases. The game of life is designed.
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