Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snowman Murdered: Should the Perp Be Iced?

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A snowman was murdered in cold, er, ice by an uncaring Illinois bus driver. The snowman was standing on the road, minding his own business, not doing much, when the bus driver plowed right into him.

What makes this act especially egregious is the fact that the snowman, unlike humans who are the product of nothing more than mindless, uncaring processes, was loved. Unlike us, he was desired. He existed in the mind of his creators before he was brought into being. And, if three round lumps of snow atop each other mean anything, he was (gasp) intelligently designed.

Arguably, if love and creation confer value on their objects, he has more value than a human being.

What makes us so special that we have rights and snowmen don't?  Aren't we all just part of seamless nature, the dance of molecules in motion? As a creation of evolution's finest mindless outcome, doesn't the snowman himself stand atop the evolutionary mount? Where's Ignatieff and the party of the Charter and inclusion and equality rights when we need him? If this had been a cross-dressing snowman, would it have made any difference?

The perp has either been fired or quit his job.  But is this enough? Should be iced?

And that's the way the Ball bounces.

A further thought: The perp should argue he was engaged in an existential act of performance art; not only would he be lauded by the contemporary art world for his brave statement, he could probably get some federal grant monies.
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