Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lamenting PEI's Strong Cultural Norm Of "Sameness"

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Although the province [PEI] welcomed its first non-European premier in 1986, when Islanders elected Joe Ghiz — whose roots extend to Lebanon, and whose son, Robert, is the current premier — the eastern province was long known for its homogeneity and “Island way of life.”
“While a sense of rootedness can be of great value, it should not render our sense of identity so inflexible that we close the doors of our minds to what we are today and what we can be in the future,” reads a 1999 report commissioned by the government, which went on to lament “a strong cultural norm of ‘sameness’” in the province.
Rational people might re-phrase the lamented  “strong cultural norm of ‘sameness’” as "strong social cohesion" and consider it a desirable characteristic.

The countries immigrates come from all seem to  exhibit a "strong cultural norm of 'sameness'. Do we lament this fact in their cultures or only in ours?

On the other hand, if the immigrants are from self-reliant, hard-working cultures, maybe they will help break the Island's strong cultural norm of welfare dependency and handouts.


Article in the National Post.

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Anonymous said...

The article mentions Japanese,Chinese, Korean and Arab (Somalia?) immigration. I would have liked to know what are the numbers and percentage for Muslim immigration.

RkBall said...

I know there is a mosque now in Charlottetown. They asked for government assistance -- they are learning quickly! -- the government declined...

Brian said...

Just a comment on the "Island way of life".
Recently on a golf vacation from Alberta, we were introduced to the "island way. With a 8:00am tee time we get up early and head out in search of some breakfast before our round. After trying 2 different diners, both of which were not open, we finally find one with some staff. We asked to come in to fuel our stomachs and were told nothing would be open till 9:00am. What a shock. Here in Alberta you can get food as early as 5am. I guess on the island a powerbar or muffin is all that is required to sustain energy for a 5 hour round. Sorry no politics, just an observation.

RkBall said...

What, you missed the 24-hour Tim's and the 24-hour McDonald's in Charlottetown??!! PEI -- the Island that never sleeps!

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