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Should Christians Practice Yoga?

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Should Christians practice yoga?

No. Nor should they wear articles of clothing with yoga symbols on them. Yoga is not benign, and, protests to the contrary, the physical postures cannot easily be separated from the underlying spiritual disciplines and intent of yoga.

Asian Christians, surrounded by Hinduism and other pagan religions, are far more attuned to the spiritual reality (not good) associated with yoga and know that, if you are Christian, you don't do it.

Christian writer Albert Mohler, pictured to the right, has an article on the subject here.

If you are a Christian, please don't start. If you have started, please stop. And warn your friends -- if you love them.
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Joe said...

Agreed Richard. It has been suggested by others who are far more informed on the subject of yoga than I, that the nonsense that happened at the "Toronto Blessing" was actually a yogic spirit (demon) at work. I read several articles and there is a name for the spirit but I don't remember the name and its too late to google it.

Joe said...

Of course two minutes after I admit my inability to remember, the name Kundalini comes to mind. It is a yogic spirit that is conceptualized as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine whose manifestation is uncontrolled laughter. In other words Christians should steer well clear of yoga.

Brrr said...

It's just stretching and strengthening. What Hindus THOUGHT was a spiritual activity was just the endorphins from a good workout. Even the Aums are just to keep you breathing so you can relax into the stretch. There's no reason Christians should not get the health benefits from a good Yoga routine.

Anonymous said...

How about "Should christians put up "christmas" trees?" Jeremiah condemns this practice, but I almost never hear one of you even MENTION it. This is one of the most backwards parts of your cult; no matter what the issue, you can find whatever you want to find in your little magic book, either for or against, just like the man who says "If you don't like my principles, just wait a minute and I'll find some others".

RkBall said...

"It's just stretching and strengthening. What Hindus THOUGHT was a spiritual activity was just the endorphins".


You need to carefully consider the reality of the demonic realm and the possibility that pagan Hinduism taps demonic powers, and yoga was/is one means of doing so. If you are into the hindu chants, you are getting yourself into dangerous territory.

RkBall said...

"Toronto Blessing" was actually a yogic spirit (demon) at work."

There was definitely some weird stuff going on, however, on balance the Toronto Blessing is overwhelmingly of God. They just didn't have the tools (and to some extent still don't) to sift through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Are you Edmonton Joe, or...?

RkBall said...

"cult... little magic book...."

Anon's comment looks like something auto-generated by Atheists-R-Us -- all the re-cycled pejoratives -- can't you guys come up with something fresh??!!

We all know that Jeremiah was, like, really against celebrating Christmas, so tell us something we don't know. Last time I checked, Christians weren't worshipping the tree, dude.

Anonymous said...

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Barbara said...

I wrote this recently in a comment on a blog. I just wanted them to come up with real data on how many conversions have happened among people who are practising yoga. if they can't what's the basis they are telling that this can happen

RkBall said...

Barbara -- I don't think the concern is that person who practice yoga will convert to Hinduism, if that is what your question is about.

The concern is that Christians will open themselves up to demonic influences and suffer the consequences -- something that would be much more difficult to measure or come up with a statistic for. I know of one church-attending person that has come under the very deep influence of new age ideas and yoga was the door.

For non-Christians, the concern is that yoga will lead them into exposure to and acceptance of false and ultimately enslaving new-age religious practices.

Brrr said...

Come one guys, It's just stretches, and holding strength poses. Many of the moves in a Yoga routine should be part of any decent exercise routine. The rehab I'm doing fro my back injury is mostly Yoga moves. Equating it to invoking spirits is just silly.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"