Saturday, December 11, 2010

Does "Science" Deny The Humanity of the Unborn?

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It does when it comes from the National Center for Science Education's Program and Policy Director Josh Rosenau. Evolution News and Views' Michael Egnor writes:
... Rosenau has made disturbing arguments in favor of abortion. On his personal blog Thoughts from Kansas, Rosenau, who has been a doctoral candidate in evolutionary biology at the University of Kansas, asserted that children in the womb were nearly indistinguishable from... cancer.
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The Program Director of National Center for Science Education crudely provides this vital bit of education: Darwinism is a deeply anti-human ideology, and it has consequences. Acceptance of the worldview that human beings are animals evolved by a struggle of the fittest naturally tends to the denial of full humanity for the weak, and ultimately to the dissolution of the bonds of love and of family and of simple decency. The most dangerous place in America, without rival, is in a mother's womb.
Philosophical darwinism is indeed a universal acid. Except, it doesn't eat away falsehood; it eats away the soul.

Related: Abortion is often referred to as "terminating the pregnancy", a shift away from "terminating the fetus", and still further away from "killing the unborn child". That "terminating the pregnancy" is euphemistic and dishonest becomes clear when it comes to selectively killing a twin to serve the parent's or parents' wishes to have only one child. It is not the pregnancy that is being terminated; it is  the fetus. This is becoming commonplace, and has a name, "reducing".
I’m absolutely sure I did the right thing,” she said. “I had read some online forums, people were speaking of grieving, feeling a sense of loss. I didn’t feel any of that. Not that I’m a cruel, bitter person ... I just didn’t feel I would be able to care for (twins) in a way that I wanted to.” [emphasis mine]
We usually associate evil with secrecy -- hiding the theft, the murder, the infanticide, etc.; it's disturbing to see it openly and freely expressed in a public forum. May God have mercy on us.
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Joe said...

Tut now Richard, everyone knows evolutionary science denies the humanity of humans. Why just a few days ago on this very blog we were arguing with someone who would rather be a flying dinosaur and someone else who likes to think of himself as an ape.

Jesus said, "I am the Life". Proof of that is everyone who opposes Him is pro death. the stage of life one is at the moment of death is completely irrelevant. Unfortunately the baby killers aka abortionist and their advocates have found a perfect target. A human without voice and a woman, the baby's mother, to blame. What better way to strike back at He who gave us all LIFE.

Alex said...

Disgusting. I'm not for abortion though I'm a "Darwinist." This scientist is anti-human. Arguments that deny a person their humanity because of a lack of consciousness is a very slippery slope.

Dollops said...

The DNA of the embryo puts an end to any argument about his/her humanity. Eugenicists can make a case for killing people at any age, allowing a rational discussion, but abortion for the convenience of the mother or others is murder, plain and simple.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"