Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Breaking News: Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Luggage-Cart Use Plummets!!!!!

The Ball is bouncing down to Phoenix, so naturally he wishes to get up to date on breaking news.
Fewer travelers are renting luggage carts at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and other airports nationwide, but enough travelers rent them that Phoenix officials want to hire a cart contractor.
Sky Harbor cart rentals fell 28 percent, from 216,444 rentals in 2008 to 156,487 rentals in 2009. 
I suppose that, like airport shoe-shines, luggage-cart use could be used as a barometer of the economy and consumer confidence.

You really don't want to click on this to read more, but I'll include it for the one BallBouncer so intrigued he just has to read more...

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Leeky Sweek said...

This is shocking, just shocking! I was in Phoenix last September and noticed the same thing, that luggage carts at PHX were just sitting around. I remember thinking, "Oh boy, there goes the local economy. If only Obama would DO something about this."

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