Monday, January 03, 2011

Please Stand For The Singing Of "As I Sit Here"

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As Ottawa's Wanda Sherratt makes clear in Mark Steyn's Mailbox, "As I Sit Here" coulda been Canada's new national anthem.

I'm offering these as the proposed first two "lost verses":


As I sit here feeling good about me
Looking out my triple-glazed windows I see
Canadians the colours (with a "u") of autumn leaves
Spring, summer winter leaves too
Cause I'm inclusive, my Canada includeth yooooo...

Leaves are falling, reminds me of my Leafs
They're falling too but one day they'll rise again
In hockey glory; if you're from Quebec it's a different story
You've got the Habs and I do too
Cause I'm inclusive, my Canada includeth yooooo...

These verses are ™®© BallBounces; if they do become Canada's new national anthem, I'll get a dime every time a Canadian sings them.

* * *

Please feel free to suggest additional verses. Must be inclusive.  We'll share royalties.
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