Monday, January 17, 2011

Mohler Monday: "I have not said that one can’t be a Christian and believe in evolution"

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.                                   Image via Wikipedia
I have not said that one can’t be a Christian and believe in evolution. It is entirely possible to be a confused Christian or a confused evolutionist . . . or both. Nevertheless, the dominant theory of evolution — the theory as taught and defended by the world’s leading evolutionary scientists — explicitly rules out any supernatural design or interference at any point in the evolutionary continuum. That fact alone makes the theory incompatible with any legitimate affirmation of divine creation or of biblical theism. -- Albert Mohler, Two Irreconcilable Worldviews, 2008, here


Anonymous said...

you can think and or believe anything you want. to be a Christian you must believe in the virgin birth, death for our sins and ressurection of Jesus Christ. all else would just be words.

Joe said...

With all due respect Anonymous 8:08, the lines you wrote are reductionist neo-orthodox, death insurance nonsense. Christianity is the most viable, believable and complete world view in the human realm today. Evolution as a world view falls apart the minute you begin to critique it and only by ignoring the impossibility of it by spewing nonsense to distract from the impossibility of it has it gained any traction. Within modernity lies a desire that no one should be higher than man. Evolution is simply a cobbled together bit of doggerel that seeks to fulfill that aim. Of course that 'no one higher than man' is source of all the Climate Change nonsense that is mercifully ebbing as a modern scare.

RkBall said...

Joe -- did you understand Anon 8:08 correctly? I think he was agreeing with you. Maybe I'm missing something?

Joe said...

You could be right Richard and if so let me be the first to apologize.

However I am not sure that I am wrong. I have over the years encountered quite a number of individuals whose Christianity amounts to little more than a form of death insurance. They believe just enough to get into heaven after they die. A good number of those have sought to reduce the scope of the Christian worldview to a bare minimum so as not to stand in contrast with the secularists that make so much noise in the world of 'science'. Those neo-orthodox (it may not be true at all but at least it is true for me) often engage in the reductionism to keep the obvious contradictions from spilling from one camp to another. Thus they reduce Christianity to a belief in Virgin Birth, Atoning Death and Subsequent Resurrection which does almost nothing to help the individual believer nor does it help advance the Cause of Christ. Christianity is a complete worldview far surpassing any other worldview. That being the case why would I indulge other worldviews by suppressing the Truth of Christianity?

Again, if I have misread Anonymous then I apologize. If I have not misread Anonymous then I encourage Anonymous to dig a little deeper in the Faith that is sufficient that (s)he too may discover the richness of wisdom and insight that comes with the most complete worldview known to mankind.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"