Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Quote of the Day: "I’m talking about the Ultimate Wholeness of Reality, the Whole Shebang"

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“When I say ‘God,’ I’m not talking about something or someone that can be believed in or not believed in,” he explains. “I’m talking about the Ultimate Wholeness of Reality, seen and unseen — the whole shebang — which is infinitely more than anything we can know, think, or imagine.” -- Michael Dowd, quoted here.
This guy has a site called Thank God for Evolution; and a Christianity-lite god incapable of being thanked because he ain't a person.

Still, you know he's onto something when he Writes in All Caps. All that's missing are some !!!!

But, hang on, what's this "whole shebang" thing?  Shouldn't that be "hebang", or, better still, "Hebang"?  Or, is this guy a goddess worshipper???!!!

I'll stick with Jesus, thanks.

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