Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Poll: What Do You Think of the CBC?

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What do you think of the CBC?

I'm allowing multiple responses on this one.

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Anonymous said...

CBC exemplifies everything wrong with our Society. One only has to read the vile, hateful, disgusting,rabid, extreme left wing,pro-terrorist,racist, comments on the CBC online website to see what I mean. Worst of all these comments are screened,moderated and actually approved by a taxpayer paid CBC moderator. CBC needs to be scrapped.

Anonymous said...


If Canada had a legitimate, small-c fiscal conservative Prime Minister he would eradicate the far-left bias, unfair and unbalanced, terrorist’s sympathizing, Khadr hugging CBC which consistently promotes and encourages revulsion for the United States. This billion dollar a year embarrassment and humiliation serves as the Canadian left’s “Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda”.

The massively overfunded state broadcaster dislocates the free market with unfair competition by squandering its multi-billions of tax dollars without being compelled to produce a product that customers will pay to watch. If this far-left, bias, lap dog for the Liberal/NDP collation didn’t have $1.2 of tax dollars to squander it wouldn’t even have its current pathetically low ratings. For the unaccountable CBC, informing the public pursuant to both sides of a story means giving a hyped-up version of the Liberal Party’s talking points, and then producing a hyped-up reiteration of the NDP’s talking points. CBC frequently gives the impression of publishing Lib/NDP news releases verbatim, but seems to apportion a great deal of time to scrutinize, research, censure, and criticize Conservative statements.

Now that Canada has numerous television and radio networks, satellite networks, and the internet, there is no longer any necessity for a state broadcaster; especially one scripted by left-wing affirmative action bimbos/minorities, and watched to mostly by the far-left, but paid for my people who actually work for a living and pay taxes. One of the numerous rationales for the exceptionally low quality of the state broadcaster’s regularly error overflowing “news” is its policy of sacrificing excellence in order to promote its far left Liberal/NDP agenda, plus its diversity goals to hire recent immigrants with their habitually inferior journalistic credentials. The state broadcaster consistently mis-informs the public, some times by intent, and other times because they hire these semi-qualified, so-called “journalists”.

As opposed to producing quality, informative, balanced, unbiased journalism that Canadian tax payers are over paying for, the state broadcaster has an immense creditability gap, is guilty of oversimplification and “dumping down” news, neglects to distinguish between opinion and comments, favors form over content, uncompromisingly encourages anti-Americanism, and has no public trust with anyone not on the extreme left!

If Harper was a genuine small-c conservative he would immediately begin to eradicate the deficit/debt by changing this embarrassment to a private pay for view station, sell the complete far-left bias Khadr hugging state broadcaster, or simply shut down this far-left bimbo/minority scripted degradation to humanity.


Anonymous said...

In plain english - The CBC sucks.
The bias stands out like a purging volcano and they don't even try to hide it anymore.
I anxiously await the balancing act that the SUN media will bring to the fore.
The real fun is just about to begin, and the naysayers' are already whining.
You aint seen nothing yet - brace yourself!

E Mac/

Anonymous said...

Sell the CBC! Buy a bumper sticker on ebay and show your support!

Fay said...

The CBC comes across as an enemy of Canada. The worst were their surly comments on the Vancouver olympics.
They come across as anti Canadian,anti government, anti western Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Radio Canada which continues to undermine Canada and keeps the other solitude as uninformed as it can about the rest of Canada.

Springer said...

CBC, motto: Using your money to keep Canada Liberal.

Sell that useless POS to Fox for a buck, and save Canadians at least $25 billion over the next 20 years...which would pay for the F35s and their maintenance, and still leave $9 billion left over.

Anonymous said...

We have a new budget coming in a few weeks....what an excellent opportunity to cut CBC funding to ZERO!

Patsplace said...

As I live, travel, work and play in many rural areas of Canada (BC to be specific) I don't want CBC Radio to be gone as it's the only radio that I can get most of the time, unless I pay for Sirius. CBC TV on the other hand is a total waste of money and is just a huge sucking sound of money being consumed. 17 Producers for a small show. Give me a Break!!

gimbol said...

I think there is a way to let CBC stay a crown corp and allow them to stay on the public dime. Before anyone shoots me down, please hear me out, then you can criticise all you want.

Reinforce their mandate that CBC only broadcast services that the private sector does not. This means that any type of service the private sector is currently providing is off limits. This would include sporting events due to the plethoria of private broadcasters not only willing but very able to carry these events (like HNIC). Next, no longer allow any advertising to be shown on CBC, as this is how the private broadcasters stay afloat, CBC with its subsidy not only skews the true cost of advertising, it also gives the CBC an unfair advantage when they already get funding from the tax payer. Now if the ususal suspects don't like this idea, then the CBC should be cut loose so that is can compete in the private market.

Frances said...

As it happens, I am listening to CBC Radio 2 on the rare occasion it is broadcasting classical music without the inane chatter of the weekday announcer. That being said, while we do listen to the local CBC radio show (news not bad), we rarely watch CBC TV (can't think when, must have been a sporting event) and NEVER watch CBC news channel. So I wouldn't miss it much.

RkBall said...

Frances -- I do think that reasonable people make a distinction between CBC radio and TV, although I've heard a lot of left-wing slanted stuff on CBC radio too.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"