Friday, November 12, 2010

"B" is for Bonkers: Leftist Lunacy in the Deranged Dominion

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"University of Windsor fires back at failed law dean candidate".

This National Post article may have more leftist lunacy per square inch than any other article in the history of Canadian journalism.

It's got:

* A former NDP political candidate and professor (who teaches -- what else -- family and immigration law). She issues a human rights complaint of racism and sexism because she didn't get the job she applied for.

* A "hate-speech expert".  He is being human-rights-tribuned to the tune of $15,000 by the self-same NDPer for hatefully uttering hateful speech against her. Will he speak as an expert witness on his own behalf?

* A university search committee consisting of (take a deep breath) "six women, 'four persons of racialized origins,' one person with a disability, a female Superior Court judge, and a non-voting equity assessor who is African Canadian".  (This one sentence alone is enough to make one think there is no hope for Canada.) The committee, in the name of equality, awards the NDP complainant bonus points for being female, and super-duper-bonus points for "self-identification as a visible minority". (Someone should haul the university search committee before a human rights tribunal for blatant, overt, wilful and systemic discrimination against white males.) Speaking of which...

* White males -- nothing good said about them. They are disparaged by the equality-loving, justice-seeking NDP candidate.

* An Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. The Tribunal, in a grand gesture of "L'etat - c'est nous", asserts it has the right to appoint University deans and, presumably, also to appoint captains of Canadian NHL hockey teams and declare Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim winners in the event of disputes.

A country that has descended to such utter lunacy does not deserve to survive. Let's hope the Islamic take-over happens sooner rather than later.

You can read the whole thing here.
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Anonymous said...

She sounds like a community organizer. Maybe she’ll follow in Obama’s footsteps and become the Canadian Law Society’s equivalent head of the Harvard Law Review.

The real nemesis here, after academia’s decades of ramming postmodern relativism down our throats, is this statement by the University when considering it’s choices to continue the search for a dean or not, they talked about “inappropriate interference with the university’s autonomy and an affront to academic freedom.”

What goes around comes around.


RkBall said...

"“inappropriate interference with the university’s autonomy and an affront to academic freedom.”

Very good point. I should add the university to my cast of characters.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"