Friday, November 05, 2010

Flying Continental Toronto - Phoenix

SAN FRANCISCO - JANUARY 21:  A Continental Air...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
I browsed through the Continental Airlines in-flight magazine(*) on the flight down to Houston and then over to Phoenix. I learned something. People who fly Continental have two big needs. The first is for dental work, smile-restoration, reconstructive teething, whitening -- you name it, they need it, and there are American companies out there ready to provide it!! The second big need is for professional dating services.  The bar scene is just that, a scene, and who wants to trust match-ups made by friends and family??!!

Here's the BallBounces unsolicited advice: before you sign up for the dating services, get those teeth fixed!!!!

The BallBounces: solving your biggest social needs, one need at a time.

(*) These inflight magazines add a lot of weight to a flight, and are mostly unnecessary. If airlines were really serious about CO2, wouldn't they ditch them?
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