Monday, November 22, 2010

Lawless in Caledonia: Where The OPP See A Threat and... Leave

“All of a sudden, there was a big kerfuffle,” he says. “Out of the bush came another twenty people … there were already people coming from Six Nations down the road. And they all walked by our entrance to our driveway, they all had sticks, baseball bats.”
The OPP, seeing the crowd, just “high-tailed it” and took off.
“That,” Dieter says, “was the last police we saw.”
He doesn’t mean for the next few days, either, or even weeks: the OPP, by its own admission, did not police the Sixth Line for the next 47 months.
Leading to this: "I had the papers to become a Canadian... I ripped them up."

Caledonia is a shame that should burn in the hearts of all modern-day Canadians.

Read Christie Blatchford's account of the Caledonia fiasco here.


Pissedoff said...

This would be great if more Harperbots read it and realised what a dumb move this is. They are all acting like liberals, win at any cost. Wait until the general election and they will wonder why the Harper party loses seats in Ontario. The only law and order Fantino is interested in is his own type.

Anonymous said...

I know how to fix this fiasco, let's elect Julien Fantino in the Vaughan by-election. As an MP he will have the power to do something in Caledonia! Oh wait....

dmorris said...

Well, you guys must just LOVE Fantino's election signs which claim "Here for Canada".

It's commendable he's "here for Canada",it's just kind of unfortunate he wasn't "here for Caledonia" a while back.

I keep hearing echoes of "peace in our time". Maybe Neville and Julian are members of the same club.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"