Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Kidding? Headline of the Week

 New Zealand reports :"Quake grants attract cheats"

No kidding? 
Earthquake "stress" grants of $1000 are attracting opportunists looking for free cash, Christchurch doctors say.
The Red Cross, which manages the $14 million Earthquake Appeal Fund, has approved 884 hardships grant, paying out about $800,000 of publicly donated money to people claiming emotional or financial stress because of the Canterbury quake.
There is no control on how the money is used, although applicants who apply on the grounds of emotional stress do require a supporting doctor's letter.
The most common reasons given for needing the money are counselling or a holiday. h/t Mark Steyn
Wonder if the Globe & Mail taken this kind of action into account when advocating $20,000/year no questions asked to every poor Canadian?

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