Friday, November 06, 2015

BallBounces' Plan to Save Ontario

Ontario is drowning in debt. Meanwhile, government employees enjoy job security along with salaries and benefits that are higher than the private sector.

Here's my plan to save Ontario: 

* Reduce all civil servant/public employee salaries/benefits by 3% a year until the budget is balanced. (If you want to be aggressive, make it 5%.)

* No bonuses whatsoever paid out in fiscal years that run a deficit. Bonuses tied to amount of fiscal surplus.

* Any future deficits result in a 5% reduction in salaries/benefits in the next fiscal year. 

This would encourage better planning and responsible use of scarce funds. As it is, governments just keep blowing the debt balloon ever bigger while the worker-beneficiaries hope they are no longer around when it all goes pop.

Editted for clarity and content 11/7/2015.

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Anonymous said...

You are a naïve idiot and one of the primary reasons that Mr Hudac & co have been rendered irrelevant. Thanks for listening...

Mr Bear
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