Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Is Obama the Darth Vader President?

Obama doesn't want America to give in to the "dark impulse" of prioritizing ME Christians as refugees. A nation's ability to accept refugees is finite. Given that, selectivity is perfectly rational.

When Christians are being targeted by Muslims for rape and crucifixion, when Christians, unlike Muslims, pose no threat, when the character of the host country is itself Christian, it is not a "dark impulse" to say we will bring them in.

Discrimination is not always bad. The wilful, blind failure to rationally differentiate is the dark impulse.


Anonymous said...

ME Christians didn't give any money to either of his presidential campaigns. ME muslims did.

Anonymous said...

Do you realize that ISIS hates certain Muslim denominations just as much as it hates Christians? So to accept Christians because they are being targeted but not Muslims that are also being targeted is simply bigoted. And that all aside, most people being killed in Syria are NOT being killed by ISIS - they're being killed by their government. So whether you have a faith that ISIS might like is largely irrelevant when government bombs are landing on you. Having a religious screening for refugees is an appalling idea.

Anonymous said...

Christians "pose no threat"? I really think you need to rethink that premise. Even Christian refugees could be thieves, murderers, rapists, etc. Just because they are Christian does not mean they "pose no threat". One out of three Canadians are not Christians; this type of thinking drives that group straight into the Liberal fold.

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