Thursday, November 12, 2015

Road Trip Toronto to Phoenix: Day Four - Albuquerque - Phoenix

Drury Inn Albuquerque Quick-Start breakfast then on the road early. Crossed into Arizona. On to Winslow, AZ and the Turquoise Room for 2nd breakfast. Arizona Green Chile Eggs and a pancake side. Possibly the best breakfast on the planet. Expensive, but worth every penny.

Took highway 87 down to Payson. Took a side trip in Payson looking for spruce trees and discovered Payson has some lovely neighborhoods with upscale homes. Then on down into Scottsdale Phoenix area.

Arrived at Anasazi Condo Village around 4pm. CenturyLink had promised to restore internet by 5pm. They didn't. Came on around 7pm.

Four hard days on the road, but we made it safely. The dogs are ecstatic, and so are the humans. A neighbor had stocked up our fridge.

We thank God for safe arrival. Hope you enjoyed the trip!

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