Sunday, November 08, 2015

Road Trip Toronto to Phoenix: Day One - Toronto - Indianapolis

On our way 7am. 401 to Windsor to Detroit via the Ambassador Bridge. Nexus cards in hand. No line-up. Breezed through Nexus, declaring our dog food, US cash, etc. Paid bridge toll -- $5 US or $6.25 CAD.  Opted for Canadian to get rid of some change and preserve US dollars.

I-75 south out of Detroit down to Toledo, OH. Got a couple of take-out dogs at a Tony Packos in Sylvania -- delish, and, boy, are their pickles strong!

Drove southwest to Fort Wayne. 70 mph with cars making right turns onto the highway -- definitely rural! Then down to Indianapolis. Got a coupon-rate at the Drury Inn, Indianapolis. When we stay at Drury Inns, our goal is to arrive in time to enjoy evening Kick-back. We arrived around 5pm -- in lots of time.

Ontario - Michigan - Ohio - Indiana. So far, so good.

Tomorrow's goals: IMO's pizza in St. Louis and Lambert's Home of the Throwed Rolls in Ozark, MO. Stay in either Springfield or Joplin MO. There's a time zone change that works in our favour tomorrow.

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