Saturday, November 07, 2015

Road trip Toronto to Phoenix: The Plan

We leave with our two dogs leave tomorrow morning for Phoenix. Travelling in a 4-wheel drive 2006 Toyota Matrix.

Day one, heading for Indianapolis via the Detroit bridge. Plan to stay at an Indianapolis Drury Inn at their coupon rate. Would like to get some Esther Price chocolates if I can find a Kroger that sells them.

Four culinary highlights on the planned route: IMO's St. Louis for thin-crust pizza. Lambert's, Ozark, MO - "home of the throwed rolls" for pulled-pork, throwed rolls, and fixin's. Cattlemen's in Oklahoma City for a T-bone. Turquoise Room, Winslow AZ for Arizona green chile eggs breakfast.

I'll try to do nightly updates.

Enjoy the ride!


L said...

Nice trip! Flying to Phoenix next week with dog. Enjoy your trip!

BallBounces said...

Our dogs don't travel by plane very well. Do you sedate your dog? My view is, whatever sedative the vet gives the dog, he/she should give the humans as well!

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