Monday, November 09, 2015

Road Trip Toronto to Phoenix: Day Two - Indianapolis - Tulsa

Early start out of Indianapolis after Drury QuickStart breakfast. Looped around Indianapolis and headed southwest. Through Terre Haute, IN into Illinois. The highway was much better in Illinois. Lots of recent and current construction. They have smoothed the route through Effingham, IL. Tip: I view current construction as an investment in future travel, and express gratitude that they are making the road better for us; we don't have to do anything, they do all the work -- this helps minimize frustration at any delays that may occur.

Down to East St. Louis, IL and then through and around St. Louis. Missouri has improved the loop through/around St. Louis -- it is no longer a terrifying as it was.

Other side of St. Louis, making good time so skipped planned IMO's pizza stop and survived on energy bars. Headed on southwest to Springfield, MO. Detoured down to Ozark MO and Lambert's Cafe -- Home of the Throwed Rolls. The Pulled Pork sandwich is amazing. There's no point having one anywhere else. Throw in all the fixin's they pass around, not to mention the throwed rolls -- what a place!

Back on the highway, over and down to Joplin, MO. Decided to push on into Oklahoma and Tulsa via the 75mph toll highway. Cell phone died so we could not vet hotels ahead of time. First one wanted an additional $20+$20 for our two small dogs; second one wanted $25+$25. Plus, the roads off of I-44 in Tulsa are insane, especially at dusk and after dark -- all one-way and back-tracking and merging and looping and just hair-pulling insane. Finally, a guy having a smoke outside one of the hotels suggested we try the Red Roof Inn two miles south. We did and that is where we stayed. Around $70 and no surcharge for the pets. Much appreciated. Basic room, but newly renovated and clean. It'll do for a night's sleep.

Today: Indiana - Illinois - Missouri - Oklahoma.

Tomorrow: We hope to get to Albuquerque, NM and make this a four day trip to Phoenix instead of five. Planned culinary stop: Red River Steakhouse, McLean TX.

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