Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Road Trip Toronto to Phoenix: Day Three - Tulsa - Albuquerque

Early start out of Tulsa down to OKC and then west on I-40. Through Oklahoma and into Texas. Skipped Cattlemen's Steakhouse in OKC because it was too early; stopped at Red River Steakhouse in Amarillo. VG steak, delicious grilled mushrooms and fresh-cut french fries.

Temperature got up to 25 Celsius.

Out of Amarillo and into New Mexico. Past Tucumcari, Santa Rosa and into Albuquerque. Staying at the Drury Inn in Albuquerque. Arrived in time for Kick-Back.

Today: Oklahoma - Texas - New Mexico.

We plan to leave early tomorrow in order to arrive in time for breakfast at the Turquoise Room in Winslow, AZ. Then, down the back country route into Scottsdale/Phoenix for an easy fourth day.

That's the plan, Stan.

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