Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Kingdom Strikes Back

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Yesterday, Stephen Hawking gave God a death-blow: "because gravity exists, there is no God!" It's hard to refute an argument like this, I mean, this is a knock-out.

And the disciples thought the death of Christ was a setback!

But now, just when I thought it was time to dismantle the Blog and go fishing, the Kingdom of God strikes back!

John Lennox: As a scientist I'm certain Stephen Hawking is wrong. You can't explain the universe without God

The Archbish: Archbishop of Canterbury hits back after Stephen Hawking insists God did NOT create the universe

And, on the lighter side, this: Hawking Not Needed to Explain His New Book, Says Universe

To sum it up:

There was a man named S. Hawking
Who thought he heard a big knocking
KNOCK! KNOCK! "Who's there?"
"Why, nothing but air!"
An answer disturbing and shocking

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2 comments: to the radio said...

I don't agree with Stephen Hawking on this one.
Maybe he's just a miserable old man.
I can't explain why he gets so much press.

I still maintain that science is the search for God.

See I'd like to believe that there is a difference between a Creationist Christian and a Muslim.

Muslims believe that everything happens because of the whims of God.
And that the rules of the universe can be changed at His whim.
There is no cause and effect because everything rests on the arbitrary will of God.
Creationist Christians believe that God has the same will.
And has effected His will by influencing the development of life on this planet.

So how are they different?

A Muslim tries to start a fire and it burns because it is the will of God that it burns.

Why does a Christian fire burn?
Because the wood was dry enough?
Or because God willed it?

Anonymous said...

SDC said:
Where do you people get the idea that the argument from ignorance (ie. "I can't explain something, so I'm just going to fill in what I can't explain with a made-up deity")is any more convincing when YOUR cult does it than when any OTHER cult does it? This is a supreme case of putting the cart before the horse, and you wouldn't accept it in any other case.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"