Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Quote of the Day: ""We Could Deal With Islamists Except For One Thing"

This from David Pryce-Jones (not to be confused with David Hyde Pierce):
We could deal with those Islamists except for one thing: A large segment of our fashionable opinion-makers, so to speak the Burumas of this world, think that Islamists aren’t as bad as all that; and if they are, then we are still worse, and what we stand for isn’t really worth defending. So the public doesn’t know what to think, and a few self-appointed custodians push them into all manner of doubt and guilt by accusing anyone who criticizes, or — horrors! — laughs at Islamists of Islamophobia, racism, fascism, etc. etc.
h/t Mark Steyn.

Half of the West's problem is a loss of self-confidence bordering on self-loathing.  The other half is the lefty-West's cheerful under-estimation of the depravity of human nature and the over-estimation of other cultures.

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