Saturday, February 05, 2011

Egypt's Airport Bribes: Another Multicultural Moment Gone Horribly Bad

If there were an emergency in Canada and foreigners needed to vacate, the authorities, i.e., the individual Canadians who comprise the "authorities", could be expected to be fair, honest, and helpful. Maybe chip in at their own expense, even.

And then there's Egypt.
CAIRO – Airport staff were scarce, food supplies were dwindling, flight information was non-existent — and some policemen even demanded substantial bribes before allowing foreigners to board their planes.
The going rate was a $2,000 exit fee for groups of passengers seeking to board their aircraft.

This happened more than once; so it's not a one-off.

Incidents like this remind us that Canada, living on the fumes of its anglo judeo-christian foundation, is still a great place to live -- and make us wonder what the original proponents of multiculturalism had in mind.

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