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The Muslim Brotherhood: Just Friends Whose Grievances We Haven't Yet Accommodated

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Yesterday I criticized the Globe and Mail's accommodationist article by Doug Saunders on the Muslim Brotherhood. In his article, Mr. Saunders wrote,
"When these popular movements are repressed, as Egypt has done brutally for six decades, the frustrated adherents have switched to non-political, violent means: All jihadist movements, including al-Qaeda, were born as responses to this frustration. You can draw a direct line between the crushing of the Brotherhood and the attacks of 9/11.
This sounds like what Mark Steyn meant when he said: "From grade school up we’re taught that there are no enemies, just friends whose grievances we haven’t yet accommodated."

Fits Saunders' world to a tee.

Saunders also talks about a switch from political to violent means as if these are mutually exclusive categories. He blames the rise in Al-Qaeda violence on the suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood. What he fails to acknowledge is that the Muslim Brotherhood itself is a political movement rooted in violence. This from Michael Youssef:
Shortly after the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood, they developed a “secret apparatus” which became involved in assassinations and terrorism. This group was responsible for the assassinations of prominent politicians and Coptic Christians whom they saw as hindrances to achieving their Islamic state. For example, in December of 1948, the Muslim Brotherhood’s secret apparatus assassinated Egyptian Prime Minister, Mahmud Al Noqrashi Pasha, whom they saw as a British puppet. In October 1954, their attempt to assassinate President Nasser proved to be their undoing. He rounded them up, put some to death and others were sent to hard-labor prisons. The imprisoned Brotherhood members remained there until Nasser died in 1971 and his successor, President Anwar Sadat released them.
Friends, the facts of life are conservative. And leftist views are not just naive, they are dangerous. On this, the 100th birthday of the man who stared down the evil empire while facing leftist ridicule and derision, we should remember that our way of life is hanging in the balance.


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