Friday, February 04, 2011

How Much Is A Tree Worth?

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Let's put it this way. Exactly $19,000 (Australian) more than a human fetus.
Peter Petrou, 43, was digging outside the house he shares with his parents and children in Randwick on July 31 last year, searching for a leaking pipe that was causing water to gush over his front steps and footpath, when he cut into what he described as a ''fat root'' belonging to an old native brush box tree.
Although the cut did not kill the tree, it had to be removed, the council said, for safety reasons. Mr Petrou was ordered to pay $19,000 by Waverley Local Court for breaching a tree preservation order, thought to be the largest penalty of its kind ever issued in the local government area....
''It was just a duty-of-care issue. There's kids that walk along that path, and my elderly parents use the front steps … I didn't think one root could kill a tree.''
Let the kids slip and the elderly break their hips. This tree had a preemptive right-to-life.

What is it about environmentalists? They have no sense of proportion.

It's a good thing, he didn't put the tree root into a baggie...

h/t Mark Steyn, here.
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