Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New BallBounces Poll: What Should Be Done With Pirates?

Coat of Arms of Somalia                                   Image via Wikipedia
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The biggest problem for the international navies is what to do with the captives; the pirates can’t be tried in Somalia for obvious reasons. If they are to be taken to a Western country, say the Netherlands, there are two cumbersome possibilities: the pirates may enjoy a relatively luxury life in a western prison – hardly a deterrent; after the end of a possible short-lived jail term, he may ask for political asylum in the host country by ingeniously exploiting the existing system to do so.  Here.
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Alex said...

They should have sex changes and then be "set free" muslim lands.

CanadianSense said...

I prefer the route the Russian Navy and Julius Caesar used in clearing the piracy problem.

RkBall said...

Alex -- good witty response!

Can Sense -- now you've got me looking up stuff!

Anonymous said...

A few cents to shoot them on the spot
or a pile of money to bring them to trial in the west. I am very partial to spending the few cents for an on the spot execution.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Set them free! In a "Prom Dress" in down town Crapistan.

CanadianSense said...

My bad here is the link for the Russian Navy.

Julius was captured by the pirates and a huge ransom was paid. He returned with a navy and corrected the problem.

I will leave you with the corrective action he took to solve piracy.

Trade grew and the Roman Empire expanded as a result.

NeilD said...

My initial reaction was to suggest that the pirate boat be blown out of the water, pirates and all but I'm a compassionate man and couldn't do that in all good conscience.
First toss them half a dozen life jackets and THEN blow the boat out of the water.

Uncle Angus said...

A short drop and a sudden stop. That's how you deal with pirates.

Joe said...

When captured perform 'heart surgery' whereby you cut open the chest. Upon recovery let it be known that the surgery was a huge success because in the pirate's chest now beats a pigs heart. Then make sure you inform every one in Somalia that a similar fate awaits any pirate that is captured during the commission of the crime of piracy.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, Let's see.... We need to attack & destroy Somali pirate vessels without anyone knowing we are responsible and without the enemy getting warning that we are in the area.

Gee, isn't that why we invented subamrines?
Reuters - Nov 18 2011, Three small fishing vessels off the coast of Somalia mysteriously exploded this morning with the loss if 18 Somali fishermen.

Allan Sparks a reporter with CNN wh was travelling aboard the Australian freighter HMAS "Queensland" said he saw three small craft leave the Soamli coastline and approach the freighter at a high rate of speed when they suddenly exploded. Sparks said he could see no other vessels in the area at the time.

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