Thursday, February 10, 2011

Road-Trip!™ Day Two: Dayton - St. Louis

Gateway Arch sunrise 6        Image by afagen via Flickr
An easy day of driving. Two hours west from Dayton to Indianapolis. Indianapolis south to Effingham IL, and then on to St. Louis. Staying at the Fenton MO Drury Inn. Landmark: the St. Louis Arch - gateway to the west!

Restaurant destination event: Steak 'N Shake for 1/2 price shake 2pm - 4pm.  I arrived promptly at 2 pm.  When I didn't get the 1/2 price discount, the guy pointed to the clock on the wall-- it was just past 1pm CST, not 2pm EST.


Most interesting sign:

Works for me.

Tomorrow: St. Louis to Oklahoma City.

And that's the way the ball bounces.
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Hoarfrost said...

Sounds like you are heading my way.

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